Linda Mussmann with camera

Linda Mussmann is the co-founder and co-executive director of Time & Space Limited


September 1, 2014 Mussmann Hudson, NY Pigeons and SO ON.

September 2nd, 2014

Martha the Passenger  Pigeon died 100 years ago on Sept. 1. extinct. Done.
Time. space. limits. pigeons. and so on….it goes.
TIme—it is a way to be here and not here.
The New Russia.
And more
Sept. 1, 2014
The new century
looks a lot like the old century
but televised and made corporate.
We shed our legacy
to make room for
the next ones
Who are they then
Those who are next
and then will they lead or follow.
Who carves the next
path for the
cows to travel
Come then be clear with your thoughts
Never never land
was achieved by Michael Jackson
after all
it was a kind of sleep
that was
a coma that
gave him rest
at last.
The real problem was how to
come to…
how to wake
and then how to again
sleep with out a crutch
perchance to dream
was the plague
Who would win as we gambled with the
future of our children?
could we close the
window and prevent
the draft or
would an invader
get the kids
before they
Would the Democats
take control of the
Senate? or the
Congress. or the
Nation–could we
count on any of
or were we alone in our
world of loans
and mortgages
and land grabs
Oh My! Oh My!
shall I free
the fly or
shall I
kill it–decisions
are hard choices
really now
spare me the
song from the
book that sells
religion on Sundays
spare me the order
that gives me tax
spare me that corporation
that dreams of corn
syrup on my pan cakes.
spare me the child who
kills by accident
spare me
the new color
called orange
that replaced black
am I a target
for those who are mightier
than me?
Fuck NO
Fuck Yes
Fuck Maybe
Times change
like underwear
we shed our
skin and morph
into another
being faster than
a blink.
Dr. Who? Dr. What?
Dr. How is our
fascination ?
is this a real political
movement or
just a break
in the action
be still my
Cheney jumped the line and
got a new heart
Thief…& architect of the neo-world order.
you will
never stop
the evil that exudes
from your loins is imprinted on the hearts and minds of the 21st century.
God is in no hurry
to embrace your breath. D. Cheney
Where was I in this mantra
of yada yada yada
Thinking writing
trying to remember
Dada Dada
Mama Mama
Cafe Voltaire
Satie, Ball Tzara, Lenin, Trotsky
The Red Flag
Die Rote Fahne
and so on.


July 10th, 2014

This is a very important story to follow. Ai Weiwei has been arrested, beaten and made to be silent. The Chinese Government is the new land of Kafka. It is the land of the police state. Super organized– to be certain –all follow a line that is according to the dictates of the Communist Party. Ai Weiwei’s case is important. He is a major figure in the art world and China’s political landscape. We as Americans buy a lot from China. Not sure we are aware of the place that makes our “everything” and how they treat those who speak “out” or “up” or “shout” for freedom. We are in the 21st century with new things to face—one is the Orwellian landscape. We are dreaming if we think it does not exist– here– there–AND–everywhere.

Longing for OTHER by Linda Mussmann

June 20th, 2014

Other is a way of seeing something. Other is a kind of looking and thinking. It is the pre-McDonald/Wal-Mart era. Other is original. Other is a kind of way that seeks an alternative. Some call it the 5th Column. Some call it the “third way”. Some call it “left field”.

It is hard to see in the 21st century. The landscape is so bland and “normal” this 21st century normal is a kind of “new normal”. The ‘new normal’ is a kind of fascism. It is a kind of isolation filled with conservative notions of “how to be” and “how to act” so one can get along. Is there a solution? I think the story is the key. What is the story? that is the question. The story is the history of a thing or the history of history and owning of some facts. The owning of facts beyond hollywood and the latest cool beats and the most recent tech toy.

And then there is the issue of “time” and “space” and what will be do with it and how will we use it? or consume it? or or save it or spend it. and so on—-to be continued.

Dick Cheney’s Heart returns to TSL Fri. May 9th

May 6th, 2014

I have placed my thoughts in the TSL Gallery on Dick Cheney’s Heart and other Concerns. We will perform some of the text that I wrote to go along with these thoughts. My work is always about a lot of things that accompany the thinking of a topic like Dick Cheney’s heart. For example: I try to bring issues to the table that are about a thing and yet about a bunch of other things. I do not like to dictate people’s thinking and make narrow gestures regarding a subject. My thinking about a subject is to inspire the reader or the viewer to have some of their own thoughts about the thing that I am thinking. It is my belief that art should be an open ended process—not a closed one. It is clear that my thoughts can only be mine–and I can bring some ideas to the table to be seen as new thoughts that make more new thoughts. Theater is alive only when we think about this all together. I am thinking about the perpetual war, a sick man’s heart at the same time I am thinking about Plato, Theseus, & Marx as well as the problem of the pitcher and the stone. (to be continued).

Finding Vivian Maier @ TSL

May 3rd, 2014

Finding Vivian Maier is an excellent movie. Vivian was a remarkable photographer—a person who lived a private life and saw the world through a view finder. Her “self portraits” are my favorite. These say more about who she was than anything for me. Her work is very vital and alive even though she is gone and her work lives on —Her work now newly discovered. A nanny — a woman who labored as a caretaker and yet found time to snap the shutter on life to capture her life and times in the images of the Roliflex camera—the one that is held at the waist for the ultimate view of the world. A great story of alienation.

Love it.

Review Mussmann’s Installation Dick Cheney’s Heart.

March 23rd, 2014

Dick Cheney’s Heart appears at TSL
Story by Adam Clayton from the Register Star March 23, 2014

Linda Mussman holds up a sketch of waterboarding before starting the inaugural showing of Time and Space Limited Gallery’s Dick Cheney’s Heart installation piece.
Posted: Sunday, March 23, 2014 12:30 am | Updated: 2:09 am, Sun Mar 23, 2014.
By Adam Clayton Columbia-Greene Media | 0 comments

Posted on Mar 23, 2014by Adam Clayton
HUDSON — Linda Mussmann, Claudia Bruce and Bryce Courbois debuted a performance art installation at Time and Space Limited (TSL) gallery Friday entitled UNTITLED #21: The Heart of D Cheney & Other Concerns, which featured music, song and spoken word.
Though the Young Republicans Awards Dinner was held the same night in Ghent, the juxtaposition of the two events was a coincidence, according to Mussmann.
The concept of the performance piece was how one man can influence the concept of power and the world. Cheney’s heart was used as a backdrop for the performance — a giant painted heart where veins branched off into middle eastern countries.
Mussmann’s written performance draws heavily on the idea that Cheney was a “shadow president” and controlled much of former president George W. Bush’s policies in the Middle East.
“So much of the Middle East and the world is connected to that man, as his heart connects him to life,” Mussmann said.
The fact that a 71-year-old man only had to wait 20 months to receive a heart in 2012 helped spawn the idea for the performance. Once Mussmann began seeing Cheney on news outlets promoting his book, she knew she wanted to eventually do a piece about him.
She brought her writings and ideas to Courbois and Bruce who helped write the performance.
During the installation, Bruce and Courbois would sing and speak actual quotes from the former vice president over musical arrangements that one would not expect to be paired. For example, Bruce sang quotes from a Cheney interview in which he was defending waterboarding and enhanced interrogation techniques to a backdrop of music that was reminiscent of Jimmy Buffet.
Bruce played the ukulele and Courbois the guitar while Mussmann read pieces about power and torture practices.
Courbois donned a lab coat to portray a fictional cardiologist justifying Cheney’s heart transplant.
He and Bruce also loudly sang “Cheney’s gonna teach you how to waterboard,” to a backdrop of a tambourine slammed against Bruce’s leg.
Both during and after the installation, Mussmann asked audience members for tips and pointers, engaged them in laughter and broke the serious tone to work out “kinks” in the performance.
Mussmann called the piece “ever-evolving and changing” and said it would go through many iterations as it was performed in the future.
“I got thinking about the heart, the dichotomy between blue and red — like our political system,” Mussmann said. “I’m partly obsessed with the heart, and I knew I wanted to incorporate it in my next piece. Cheney having a heart transplant and the concept that his heart was tied to so many countries lent itself to writing, and then I brought my writing to Bryce and Claudia, and we ran with it.”
Since Mar. 19 was the 11-year anniversary of the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq, the timing seemed perfect to debut the new installation, she said.
“UNTITLED #21: The Heart of D Cheney & Other Concerns” will be performed again at TSL gallery, but as of now no upcoming show dates have been posted. Mussmann plans to revamp the installation before new dates are added, but said to check TSL’s website for future performances.

Untitled #21 the heart of d.cheney and other concerns by Linda Mussmann

March 11th, 2014

I am working on a new project. It is an installation and a
performance piece. ON March 21 at 7pm at TSL –We will perform it in the
gallery at TSL. It is called UNTITLED #21: the heart of d. cheney and other
concerns. I have constructed some objects in the space and Claudia Bruce
and Bryce Courbois will be helping me with the performance. I invite you to
the event. It is a contribution of $10 or more . This is a project that will re-occur as I continue to work on it.
The project can happen in other spaces as it develops. If you are interested in having a live performance in your house let me know we travel. We have a suitcase version of this piece being developed.


February 18th, 2014

TSL internships open for spring session at TSL. Several projects are in the works. Internships needed must have skills with I-movie and editing sound. And we will be building benches in our workshop. Contact. Linda

Slowing down or Speeding up

February 15th, 2014

Time and space are something we think we know. Yet it is illusive. No matter how we measure the idea of time and space it is in a constant state of shift. As time passes and there is less of it or more depending on which place one stands it is an immeasurable notion. No matter how many clocks are applied to the idea of time it escapes the accuracy of “now”. The moment is the moment and the experience of the moment is key to the notion of time. Yet to recapture that moment or the moments one needs to reflect. Like Proust reflection can become a life’s work. Recapturing time was for Marcel the way to the present…once achieved he dies. The dipping of the cookie opened the door to another time as Marcel sat with his teacup doing a most mundane thing—-there time from another came full blown before his present state of being—-the past recaptured was his obsession. Faulkner says: that “the past is never dead it is not even past”. And so it is or was and yet it is still. I have watched a movie called AFTERMATH, invited the speaker of NEIGHBORS (Jan T. Gross) to TSL and recently watched THE FLAT and screened the HANNAH ARNDT movie here at TSL many many times and am always struck that the more we know the less we know. (to be continued).

Generation War Opens at TSL Feb. 16, 20014 Sunday 1pm

February 11th, 2014

Generation War a two part series based on 5 friends who face the realities of World War II starts screening on Sunday Feb. 16 at 1pm . This is a special event. We have chili and cornbread available for the break and encourage people to spend the afternoon with us. This epic movie is fresh from German TV. It is a new look at a subject that re-visits the war and some of the aspects that face these 5 friends—paths are taken, love lost, and more. I think it is an opportunity to see how the new generation of post war Germans look at the War in the 21st century. See you soon.

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