Linda Mussmann with camera

Linda Mussmann is the co-founder and co-executive director of Time & Space Limited


Rhetorical Questions by Mussmann

September 18th, 2015

Is a stage a platform
Is a platform a stage
Is a soap box a place to make a speech
Is a pulpit a riot
Is a megaphone a shout
Is a porch a plan
Is a level a way to seek truth
Is a hill the shine
Is the political hope
Is the tax the fix
Is the pigeon a messenger
Is the war in need of a warrior
Is the kid a goat
Is the steam necessary to boil
Is the migration possible
Is the land of hope plenty
really now she clearly did not act like a lady when she got all mad and fed up with cooking his supper night after night and cleaning the kids faces and washing the dishes for him by him to him
she was a feminist after all or was she just stark raving mad like Valerie Solanas

Trump- Sanders by Mussmann

September 18th, 2015

Two poles
Two lightening rods
in a field
where will the eagle land
will the bird choose the left
or will the bird choose the right
is this time a new time or just warmed over hash
are we too tired to make a revolution
or is the perpetual clock of war killing us all
we will see
we will see
when we are lost
so said Danton

Chapter 1 Mussmann

August 7th, 2015

Were the lips red like ruby (s) or like the color
of blood baked in the Spanish sun?

What color were her lips after all was
said and done and done and said.

Did it matter
her lips?
Did it matter
that they were
full or pursed?

Did it matter when
she smiled and
they parted
to show her teeth?

Did it matter
or not?

What mattered was that she could sing
and others could not.

She was like a bird
with her song.
Yes bird song.

She sang and sang
and when she did
this singing
we all listened.

Yes we did listen.

We listened like
we never listened before.

Pleasure was ours
Yes pleasing pleasure
was the soup de jour

We drank and supped
the sounds
into our mind
and our soul

July 2015 the blue moon once in a

July 30th, 2015

The day bends
the cat stretches
the air hangs like a cloud.
It is summer in July
the blue moon
pokes a hole in the sky
like an eye it watches our every move.
We sleep in silence
as the night overwhelms the
blue moon and day comes to the morning
with the blazing hot sun.
It is summer
and we slave under the haze of our sweat.
Corn grows
cattle moan
hay made
snakes lounge
tomatoes rule.
It is July.
Over half way to the other half
where the wind blows and the snow
But not yet we linger to let the sun sun.

Is It TIme

July 21st, 2015

Is it time to light the lamp?

Where is the oil for this lamp?

Is oil animal, mineral, or vegetable?

Is oil black gold?

Is black gold grease?

Is grease the slick?

Is the slick oil?

Is the oil spill?

Is the spill a cry?

Is the cry a shout?

Is the shout memory?

Is memory shadow?

Is shadow black?



April 26th, 2015

If I am therefore I am
If I am not then I am
not then
If then
why not then
If why not then
if not then why then
if then if then
can I come back again
If I leave before
my time can I
return to the bank
then to revisit
the tick and the tock
of past-time and sip
from the tea cup
that Marcel will
serve me?
Oh! she said
she was thinking
all the time
Oh! she said
when she was not
thinking she was
Oh! she said
when she was
resting she was
Oh! she said when
she was dancing
she was moving
and more and more
Oh! she said when she was
splendid she was in her
Oh! she said when she was
sad the only pleasure was her kitty
Oh! she said when she was mad she wanted
to scream
And Oh! she did
what she said
she would do
Oh! she said she would
do what needed
to be done yes
Oh! yes she shouted
out at the top of her
lungs about the
injustice and
the not just
and to the liars
and to the cheaters
she gave another
to call
them out
Oh! yes
to call them
Why yes
Why yes she wanted
to know why do the rich
make us poor
why oh why do
the informed
hide knowledge
why oh why do
the lame want
to walk
Why oh why do
the cows want to fly
why oh why do the
cats dance til dawn
why oh why do the
trees want to sway
til the wind gives
and so on and so on
and so on and so on
why oh why are the minutes
only 60 and the hours only 24
and the days 7
and the weeks 52
and the years a
Oh!` she said
there are so many
many things
to know and do
and do and know
How will I get
all of these
things done
before I have to go
How will
how to
how much
more questions
more questions came
one after another
zoom zoom they came

she lost her balance
she began to circle
for in the circle was a kind of clarity
for the circle was a kind of
for in the center
was a kind of
cycle, circle
sound, silence
and then noise
so loud it was impossible to hear
was this Alice or Claudia falling in the tunnel
the tunnel falling falling….
seeing all that there was to see
and then some
and then
But what is then some?
she said to herself
what then
is then some
it is a kind of jelly
or jam
no jam today
only jam tomorrow
no jam today
only jam tomorrow said the
red Queen
as she slammed the door

Stumbling by Mussmann

April 15th, 2015

Finding the way is always filled with turns and trips …some call it little falls…quick steps that nearly fell the walker…some how the stumbler makes her way down the road of this thing called life…..tracks in the snow melt in the spring and the return is never certain…yet the way forward is a clue for the traveler…the tomorrow is a distant thought….the results of the race… a never ending cycle of get up…get down…get up…get down…and then keep going…eye on the prize that somehow is ill-defined.

Hope is. by Mussmann

April 15th, 2015

Hope is the unintended consequence of life.
It is the way of the wind.
It is the flight of time
against the train exiting from the station.
It is the failed glance of romances.
It is the end of the game.

When I dream it is with my eyes wide open.
When I dream I never sleep.
When I dream I live in the moment.

TSL aka Tinkerville by Mussmann

April 5th, 2015

TSL has a lot of projects it is working on right now—we are getting ready for spring and summer projects. We make benches and picket fences with young people. These are for sale. These support the young people’s programs here at TSL. In addition we offer a house building project for younger kids this summer. If you want more information about these projects check our website
We also offer internships for the summer as well. Why TSL TINKERVILLE?? Linda Mussmann believes that a space to work out real things and using tools is key to developing life skills. Linda grew up on her Mother and Father’s farm in Indiana—here Linda learned about the “how to’s” of life—she learned how to build things and how to get lost and fall down and get up and lose things and find things and see things grow and see things die and to love the land and the smell of the dirt and the love of animals and the realities of life and the politics of sex and the realities of the how it works for those that have and have not. If you want to know more or want to have a tour of TSL/ Time & Space Limited– stop in Linda and Claudia always have time to share what they have spent their lives creating a place to have time and space. April 5, 2015

2nd SCREENING ROOM at TSL Jan. 2015

January 14th, 2015

TSL has expanded our programs by adding a 2nd SCREENING ROOM at TSL. This space gives us more opportunities to present more movies and special events. We have a host of independent movies that we like to screen and the new space does just that.
Stop in check in and spend sometime at the movies—many spend an afternoon with us on as Saturday or Sunday—it is a perfect place to take time and enjoy the work of new moviemakers or some classics.

TSL also has a cafe’ where you can have a conversation, check your i-pad/pod/i-phone (we have wifi) or whatever you like to use to stay connected to the universe—we do recommend that you join TSL become a member and support our space.

We are the place where you can get lost in time and space be it at the movies or the MET opera or the National Theater of London or the Bolshoi Ballet—it is a great vacation.

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