Linda Mussmann with camera

Linda Mussmann is the co-founder and co-executive director of Time & Space Limited


Stumbling by Mussmann

April 15th, 2015

Finding the way is always filled with turns and trips …some call it little falls…quick steps that nearly fell the walker…some how the stumbler makes her way down the road of this thing called life…..tracks in the snow melt in the spring and the return is never certain…yet the way forward is a clue for the traveler…the tomorrow is a distant thought….the results of the race… a never ending cycle of get up…get down…get up…get down…and then keep going…eye on the prize that somehow is ill-defined.

Hope is. by Mussmann

April 15th, 2015

Hope is the unintended consequence of life.
It is the way of the wind.
It is the flight of time
against the train exiting from the station.
It is the failed glance of romances.
It is the end of the game.

When I dream it is with my eyes wide open.
When I dream I never sleep.
When I dream I live in the moment.

TSL aka Tinkerville by Mussmann

April 5th, 2015

TSL has a lot of projects it is working on right now—we are getting ready for spring and summer projects. We make benches and picket fences with young people. These are for sale. These support the young people’s programs here at TSL. In addition we offer a house building project for younger kids this summer. If you want more information about these projects check our website
We also offer internships for the summer as well. Why TSL TINKERVILLE?? Linda Mussmann believes that a space to work out real things and using tools is key to developing life skills. Linda grew up on her Mother and Father’s farm in Indiana—here Linda learned about the “how to’s” of life—she learned how to build things and how to get lost and fall down and get up and lose things and find things and see things grow and see things die and to love the land and the smell of the dirt and the love of animals and the realities of life and the politics of sex and the realities of the how it works for those that have and have not. If you want to know more or want to have a tour of TSL/ Time & Space Limited– stop in Linda and Claudia always have time to share what they have spent their lives creating a place to have time and space. April 5, 2015

2nd SCREENING ROOM at TSL Jan. 2015

January 14th, 2015

TSL has expanded our programs by adding a 2nd SCREENING ROOM at TSL. This space gives us more opportunities to present more movies and special events. We have a host of independent movies that we like to screen and the new space does just that.
Stop in check in and spend sometime at the movies—many spend an afternoon with us on as Saturday or Sunday—it is a perfect place to take time and enjoy the work of new moviemakers or some classics.

TSL also has a cafe’ where you can have a conversation, check your i-pad/pod/i-phone (we have wifi) or whatever you like to use to stay connected to the universe—we do recommend that you join TSL become a member and support our space.

We are the place where you can get lost in time and space be it at the movies or the MET opera or the National Theater of London or the Bolshoi Ballet—it is a great vacation.

Linda & Claudia Perform Jan. 10th, 2015

January 7th, 2015

Kicking off the new year with a performance is always a good sign that we are alive and well at TSL in Hudson, N.Y. Long journey is this life and these times are indeed complex—but bottom line for Mussmann/Bruce is that we keep doing our work and telling stories and of course hearing the beautiful voice of Claudia Bruce is alway point for celebration. Come and check in we will be open at 7:15pm Saturday night January 10, 2015 to receive you and perform our work for you. We will repeat this performance at BARD at the end of January.

Year End 2014 It’s a Wrap

December 30th, 2014

Dear Friends & Fans of TSL
What a year this has been. Where to go and how to get from here to there is what keeps us on our toes…..YES we have new programs….the BOLSHOI for one and YES to sold out houses…thanks to Moscow and wow!!!! can these people dance—We have installed a 2nd screening room to bring you more “indy movies” and YES we have a new sidewalk to make TSL even more accessible to those who choose to walk…and YES we have given TSL new outside lights and some new doors and some fresh paint and YES now we have big plans as we approach 2015 the Year of the SHEEP according to the Chinese Calendar—it is #8 and this year stands for compassion, creativity, prosperity, sympathy, grace and more…and yes the color is RED for # 8 the Year of the Sheep— just like the TSL logo…..ON Jan. 10th Claudia and Linda will be doing a performance we would love to have you join us—it is the heart of TSL’s vision–our work is what makes TSL such a place filled with endless creativity and love for the arts & for people—we believe that art expands the mind.
If you are not a member please join….if you want to donate to our endless causes and needs….check in to the pay pal space

and do so or send a check/ TSL PO BOX 343 Hudson, NY 12534….we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.!!

Moments . Mussmann

December 20th, 2014

Moments come and go. Moments float across the mind like a skater on a pond of ice. Spinning figure 88888’s making signs of infinity in the folds of my memory. Remembering this and that sliding to and fro in the row boat of time. Hello Prufrock—do I dare descend the stair or do I stop time put it under glass like pressed duck and eat it.

Thinking about World War I

November 30th, 2014

Thinking About World War 1. Eugene Debs said the following in 1921.

“As we have said, the bankers are for bullets—for the fool patriots that enlist at paupers’ wages to stop the bullets, while the bankers clip coupons, boost food prices, increase dividends, and pile up millions and billions for themselves. Say, Mr. Workingman, suppose you have sense enough to be as patriotic as the banker, but not a bit more so. When you see the bankers on the firing line with guns in their hands ready to stop bullets as well as start them, then it is time enough for you to be seized with the patriotic itch and have yourself shot into a crazy-quilt for their profit and glory. Don’t you take a fit and rush to the front until you see them there. They own the country and if they don’t set the example of fighting for it, why should you?”

THE BOX by Mussmann

November 22nd, 2014

The box.
They put some in a box.
Why put some in a box?
Was some safe there?
Were we safe with the some there in the box?
or was the box a commodity?
The box had a lock.
The box had a door
The box had a key.
The box had a bed and beyond.
Who would live in the box?
Would it be a man or a rat?
Would it be a mother. father. brother. sister. or Chelsea Manning?
Tell the truth Chelsea and it will not always set you free.

Mary Wille

November 16th, 2014

She was hard pressed—like cider.
She was difficult—like weather.
She was exact —-like crystal.
She was a victorian— Mary Wille.
Now when I look back what do I see?
Outlines–edges–shadows—her life her remains—what’s left? what counts? What is remembered?
Hands. Quilts. Pies. Dresses. Corsets. Tears for Frank. Grieving for what is lost. Time spent. Time measured.
Mary Wille Mary Wille– she said little prayers, she held her purse, she loved God, and more. Where is she now? Is she quilting or crocheting little thread around hankies as she watches our life from afar.

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