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Linda Mussmann is the co-founder and co-executive director of Time & Space Limited


Moments . Mussmann

December 20th, 2014

Moments come and go. Moments float across the mind like a skater on a pond of ice. Spinning figure 88888’s making signs of infinity in the folds of my memory. Remembering this and that sliding to and fro in the row boat of time. Hello Prufrock—do I dare descend the stair or do I stop time put it under glass like pressed duck and eat it.

Thinking about World War I

November 30th, 2014

Thinking About World War 1. Eugene Debs said the following in 1921.

“As we have said, the bankers are for bullets—for the fool patriots that enlist at paupers’ wages to stop the bullets, while the bankers clip coupons, boost food prices, increase dividends, and pile up millions and billions for themselves. Say, Mr. Workingman, suppose you have sense enough to be as patriotic as the banker, but not a bit more so. When you see the bankers on the firing line with guns in their hands ready to stop bullets as well as start them, then it is time enough for you to be seized with the patriotic itch and have yourself shot into a crazy-quilt for their profit and glory. Don’t you take a fit and rush to the front until you see them there. They own the country and if they don’t set the example of fighting for it, why should you?”

THE BOX by Mussmann

November 22nd, 2014

The box.
They put some in a box.
Why put some in a box?
Was some safe there?
Were we safe with the some there in the box?
or was the box a commodity?
The box had a lock.
The box had a door
The box had a key.
The box had a bed and beyond.
Who would live in the box?
Would it be a man or a rat?
Would it be a mother. father. brother. sister. or Chelsea Manning?
Tell the truth Chelsea and it will not always set you free.

Mary Wille

November 16th, 2014

She was hard pressed—like cider.
She was difficult—like weather.
She was exact —-like crystal.
She was a victorian— Mary Wille.
Now when I look back what do I see?
Outlines–edges–shadows—her life her remains—what’s left? what counts? What is remembered?
Hands. Quilts. Pies. Dresses. Corsets. Tears for Frank. Grieving for what is lost. Time spent. Time measured.
Mary Wille Mary Wille– she said little prayers, she held her purse, she loved God, and more. Where is she now? Is she quilting or crocheting little thread around hankies as she watches our life from afar.

EVIDENCE by Mussmann 11-13-14

November 13th, 2014

Evidence was hard to find….to locate.
Life was difficult. It was tricky…this looking…this locating…it was not so easy to see the particular…all had become so much alike. We were merging—had war done this to us? Or was it civilization or globalization or democracy?? What happened to us?
She asked.
She listened… but answers were not forthcoming. Silence as noise was a reality. Marshall Mcluhan was first to see the globe as the village. It just took time to get there.
Just like it took time to learn to dance or say words—and so on.

George Bernard Shaw on Democracy

November 10th, 2014

I have been working on a World War I project and have looked at GB Shaw’s Heartbreak House.
The prologue has a nice few sentences on Democracy so says GB SHAW: “From what is called Democracy no corrective to this state of things could be hoped. It is said that every people has the Government it deserves. It is more to the point that every Government has the electorate it deserves; for the orators of the front bench can edify or debauch an ignorant electorate at will. Thus our democracy moves in a vicious circle of reciprocal worthiness and unworthiness.” Shaw is a brilliant writer—I can aspire to be like him but shall not live so long to fine tune my own dance with words. As we approach the eve of Armistice Day 11-11-18 on the eleventh hour the Great War ended.

November 2014

November 9th, 2014

The month says one thing and is another.
The letters spell N O V E M B E R but the climate has changed.
Some say yes and some say no to the change in the weather.
Some deny it.
Some doubt it.
Some decry it.
Some just go on like the cats and dogs they eat and wag and check for a mouse in the grass or a rabbit in the hedge.
They move on as we shout at one another and do nothing that will keep the rabbits running and the mice mousing.

Mignon H. Bruce

November 8th, 2014

Claudia’s Mother has finished up her long life of 95 years. She has passed away on Oct. 14, 2014. She was the star that cast light to make a path for those to follow. She was an ever passionate supporter of the arts and TSL was one of the things she supported. Many have helped TSL /TIme & Space Limited Theater Company along the journey but Mignon was there for us when she could be….her long life was not with out a rough road and she has been struggling to emerge from the grips of memory loss. This disease makes us all treasure memory even more. But Mignon is now onto another place away from this earth. We mourn the passing of our dear sweet mother. Yes we do.

September 1, 2014 Mussmann Hudson, NY Pigeons and SO ON.

September 2nd, 2014

Martha the Passenger  Pigeon died 100 years ago on Sept. 1. extinct. Done.
Time. space. limits. pigeons. and so on….it goes.
TIme—it is a way to be here and not here.
The New Russia.
And more
Sept. 1, 2014
The new century
looks a lot like the old century
but televised and made corporate.
We shed our legacy
to make room for
the next ones
Who are they then
Those who are next
and then will they lead or follow.
Who carves the next
path for the
cows to travel
Come then be clear with your thoughts
Never never land
was achieved by Michael Jackson
after all
it was a kind of sleep
that was
a coma that
gave him rest
at last.
The real problem was how to
come to…
how to wake
and then how to again
sleep with out a crutch
perchance to dream
was the plague
Who would win as we gambled with the
future of our children?
could we close the
window and prevent
the draft or
would an invader
get the kids
before they
Would the Democats
take control of the
Senate? or the
Congress. or the
Nation–could we
count on any of
or were we alone in our
world of loans
and mortgages
and land grabs
Oh My! Oh My!
shall I free
the fly or
shall I
kill it–decisions
are hard choices
really now
spare me the
song from the
book that sells
religion on Sundays
spare me the order
that gives me tax
spare me that corporation
that dreams of corn
syrup on my pan cakes.
spare me the child who
kills by accident
spare me
the new color
called orange
that replaced black
am I a target
for those who are mightier
than me?
Fuck NO
Fuck Yes
Fuck Maybe
Times change
like underwear
we shed our
skin and morph
into another
being faster than
a blink.
Dr. Who? Dr. What?
Dr. How is our
fascination ?
is this a real political
movement or
just a break
in the action
be still my
Cheney jumped the line and
got a new heart
Thief…& architect of the neo-world order.
you will
never stop
the evil that exudes
from your loins is imprinted on the hearts and minds of the 21st century.
God is in no hurry
to embrace your breath. D. Cheney
Where was I in this mantra
of yada yada yada
Thinking writing
trying to remember
Dada Dada
Mama Mama
Cafe Voltaire
Satie, Ball Tzara, Lenin, Trotsky
The Red Flag
Die Rote Fahne
and so on.


July 10th, 2014

This is a very important story to follow. Ai Weiwei has been arrested, beaten and made to be silent. The Chinese Government is the new land of Kafka. It is the land of the police state. Super organized– to be certain –all follow a line that is according to the dictates of the Communist Party. Ai Weiwei’s case is important. He is a major figure in the art world and China’s political landscape. We as Americans buy a lot from China. Not sure we are aware of the place that makes our “everything” and how they treat those who speak “out” or “up” or “shout” for freedom. We are in the 21st century with new things to face—one is the Orwellian landscape. We are dreaming if we think it does not exist– here– there–AND–everywhere.

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